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Police-Finance-Rec-Admin Committee Minutes 6-12-07
June 12, 2007

The Evendale Council Committee for Police, Finance, Recreation and Administration was called to order at 7:00pm. Council members Albrinck (Chairman), Puthoff and Lohmeier were present.  The Village CFO, George Snyder, was also present.

I.  Recreation—

        1.      There will be one ordinance on the June agenda to hire seasonal employees.  No discussion occurred.

II   Police Department—

Did not meet in June.

III   Finance Committee—

1.      George Snyder submitted the 2008 tax budget.  As is the case each and every year, a budget must be prepared over the Summer and submitted to Hamilton County.  Since Evendale does not collect any real estate taxes, the budget submitted to the County is of no significance.  

2.      May financials through May 31, 2007, the year-to-date income was $5,994,336.00 and expenses were $6,314,085.00.  Currently, Mr. Snyder projects a cash deficit for the year of approximately $1.3 million dollars.  

3.      Mr. Snyder handed out the health insurance information regarding the HSAs and HRAs.  No discussion occurred regarding this information.  Each councilmember will review and be prepared to discuss this at the next meeting with Tom Stautberg.  

4.      Mr. Snyder provided the committee with a copy of the appropriation ordinance for June.

General Fund -  Reduced Contingencies
- Workers Comp - Membership Fee
- Princeton - Underbudgeted Shared Revenued

Street Fund -   Increased Appropriations
- Bucket Truck budgeted at $65,000 actual cost $100,000
- Added truck for new electrician

Gorman Heritage Farm -  Increased Appropriations
- Recreation is accepting membership fees for the Farm
- We need to pay the Farm money collected

Capital Improvement -   Increased Appropriations
- We encumbered the funds to purchase the church property at the end of 2006 to the Evendale Community Church.
- $1,795.27 of the money appropriated had to be paid to
the County - cannot change payee of encumbered funds.

Evendale Commons -      Increased Appropriations
- Bridge contract and Street improvement - change orders
- Principal Payment - to cover cost of new note approved
at the end of the last council meeting - offset by income

5.      Council committee also met with Doug Brendamour regarding the recent citation related to his water tower that has fallen into significant disrepair.  Mr. Brendamour was very interested in our assisting him in the improvement of the water tower.  Council committee shared our genuine concern that it is not the responsibility of the Village to help residents or businesses maintain their property and that the standards are set for the betterment of the entire community.  Mr. Brendamour proposed that we share in the cost of repainting or demolishing the water tower.                 

There being no other items to come before the committee and upon motion made by councilmember Doug Lohmeier seconded by councilmember Bill Puthoff the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

J Jeffrey Albrinck, Chairman

Doug Lohmeier

Bill Puthoff