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Fire-Recreation-Service-Engineering-GHF 04/29/08

10500 Reading Road
Fire–Recreation-Service-Engineering-Gorman Heritage Farm
Committee Meeting
April 29, 2008
5:30 pm
Conference Room, Municipal Building

Present: Doug Lohmeier, Carolyn Smiley-Robertson, Stiney Vonderharr, Chief Cruse, Dave Nichols, Bill Mechley, Mayor Apking, Jack Cameron and Peggy Phaff

I.      Gorman Heritage Farm
1.      Civil War Reenactment, No update reported
2.      SVP Update –The farm has made the final 6 cut and the next step will be GHF presentation and a final decision by June 11, 2008
3.      Financials – Peggy did not get the final month-end report
Other information:
·       Memberships up to 588 a new high.
·       Summer Camp is 70% full with expanded programming over last year. Row By Row sponsorship is approximately $17,000.
·       Farm personnel participated in marketing the farm at the Blue Ash Earth Day, Cincinnati Flower Show and at the “Guy’s Griddle & Grub”.
·       Peggy also had the opportunity to meet with Governor Strickland and was referred to his staff for possible grant funds.

II.      Fire
1.      Specialist Resolution (removing Michael Hauck and adding Ross Mosher)
·       All agreed to changed and compensation proposal
2.      Updates on Hiring Process for Firefighter/Paramedic
·       55 Left in process (81 Qualified for CPAT, 16 no shows, 3 failed)
·       FD interviews scheduled for May 13,14 & 15, committee instructed the FD to recommend up to 15 for the three open positions.
·       Committee recommends Hiring Committee meet before June 6th in order to create hiring ordinance for June 12th regular meeting.
3.      Additional Appropriation for Hydrant Line Item
·       Chief Cruse explained this line item has been totally used and requested an appropriation ordinance be put on May agenda for $10,000, all members in favor
4.      Capital Items for 2009 Budget
·       Mayor requested that he review this before committee reviews
5.      New Aerial Tower
·       Chief Cruse provided information on the status of the ladder truck and explained we are in a window of needing to order this new equipment. The average life of this type of vehicle is 15-20 years and we are in our 24th year of service. Committee suggested we bring this up to the other committee for discussion.
6.      Fire Department’s 50th Anniversary
·       Mayor requested that he review this before committee reviews

III.    Recreation
1. Play area update giving should be ready by Memorial Day
2. Update that the seasonal hiring ordinance will be on the May agenda
3. Dave wanted us to remind James to include stripe a cross walk at the intersection of new Otterbein and Cooper Road per the Recreation Master Plan trail designation.

IV.     Service
1. Civic Center is nearing completion for the Cultural Arts Opening Day
·       Mr. Lohmeier took a tour this afternoon everything is coming together suggests that everyone take time to take a tour.

V.     Engineering
1.       Path lighting south from Cooper Rd into Reading
2.      Municipal Ground lighting -Costs and $ Appropriation
Bill Mechley will need to spend time figuring out and evaluating the underground wiring and capacity of what is in place on the grounds. Before he went to the time and effort to do so is this project still being considered.
3.      Travel Lodge Demo- Complete
4.   Cooper Creek- Work is 90% complete.~ Due to the amount of rain we have had some damage to the wall and backfill.~ CDP is to present some options for repairing the system and Jack and I will get back to the committee once we have evaluated the options.
5. Playground Equipment - Equipment to be delivered within next~week and contractor shall begin installation.~ Still trying for Memorial Day completion.
6. Civic Center - Asbestos Abatement is completed and should have final clearance reports by end of week.
7. Street Signs - Currently out for bids - Bids are due on May 7th.~ We will present an ordinance at May's Council Meeting.
8. Island Landscaping - Currently out for bids - Bids are due on May 7th.~ We will present an ordinance at May's Council Meeting.
9. 2008 Street Improvements - Currently under design.~ Should be out for bid by end of May to be presented at June's Council Meeting.

VI. Other items:
1.      Integrys utilities brokerage discussion
·       Committee decided not to pursue this initiative right now.
2.      Cable /TV ordinance
·       Mr. Vonderhaar mentioned he has spoken with the Solicitor concerning this and we should consider passing a new ordinance requiring any cable provider to pay franchise fees to the Village.     
3.      Mayor Apking is requesting $3000-$4000 to purchase miscellaneous items for the Cultural Arts Center, Ex: Tables, Piano & Chairs

Motion by Mr. Vonderhaar seconded by Mr. Lohmeier all in favor. 8:15 pm