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Police-Finance-Administration 08/05/08

10500 Reading Road
Committee Meeting Minutes
August 5th, 2008
4:30 pm
Conference Room, Municipal Building

In attendance:  Jeff Albrinck, John Ranz, George Snyder, Kelly DiNardo, Doug Miller, Cindy Vaske, Steve Neihauser, Ted Sumnar, Steve Brown and Jack Cameron.

I.        Administration
          1) HIRT Committee Report -  Doug Miller and Kelly DiNardo, both from Horan, and Cindy Vaske and Steve Niehauser came to update committee.  They are reviewing pricing and will next meet on 8/8/08.   The trend is rates are up 15 – 16%.
2)  Employee Health Benefit Fair to be held on August 7th in the Administration Bldg.

II.     Police
1)      Update-Applications-Testing-Police Position

·       147 applications were given out and returned.  117 qualified to sit for the written examination which will be Saturday 8/2/08 at 9:00 a.m.
·       93 applicants took the written exam
·       66 applicants passed the written exam
·       8/16/08 Physical Agility Test
·       8/19/08 Begin Interviewing
·       Late September- Hiring Committee to get list

2)      Lab Fee- Coroner Office Increase – Eff. 10-01-08
3)      Lt. Phillips Returned- Full Status 8/04/08
4)      Vehicle Auction- Police Units -
·       Three surplus police vehicles will be available and the bid opening will       be on 8/29/08
        5)    Increase in work volume:
·       Citations up 39% over 2007
·       Arrests up 31% over 2007
·       Case reports up 22% over 2007
·       Mayor’s Court up 36% in revenue ($68,077 through 2007; $105,836 through 2008)

6)      Budget due to Finance CFO 9/1/08
7)      Verizon Presentation – Possible Fee Reduction – Cell Phone Change

III.    Finance

1)      Ted Sumnar – 5th3rd Bank - Investment Update- All Evendale funds are safe.  We are going shorter on our investment ladder due to reduced rates.
2)      Steve Brown – 5th 3rd Bank – Banking Update-  All funds are collateralized by 105% .  Held by the Bank of New York.
3)  July Financials-  As of the end of July the Village had cash and investments totaling $17,429,850.32.    Of this we have $13,043,262.26 in US Government Agencies, $1,730,760.30 in commercial paper with GE Capital Corporation, $1,000,053.97 in Brokered Certificates of Deposits with 10 different banks, $59,850.79 in checking accounts with 5th3rd Bank, $1,113,526.27 in a money market account at 5th3rd Bank and $482,596.73 at Star Ohio which is deposited with National City bank.

Other items:    

Adjourned:  5:30