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Finance-Adm-Rec-Service-Eng-GHF Minutes 06/07/11

June 7, 2011

        The Finance, Recreation, Service, Engineering and Gorman Farm Committee met at 6:00 pm on June 7th,  2011.  Present were Councilmembers Smiley-Robertson, Vonderhaar, and Schaefer.  Also in attendance during portions of the meeting were Jack Cameron, James Jeffers, George Snyder, Sandra Murphy and Jim Bothe.  Gene Powell and Tom Blandford also attended the meeting.

I.      Finance Reports

        George presented the financial reports through May. The prior excess returned from 2010 is $205,000.  This boosts the amount of unencumbered carryover from 2010 to 2011 to about $14,000,000.  George reduced the estimated investment income so the projected unencumbered balance is $13,200,497.  The actual tax receipts continue to run ahead of 2010.  Year to date we have collected 209,207.73 more than last year.  The tax revenue projection in the budget for 2011 was $10,500,000.  Last year we collected $10,807,937.90.  So, as of May 31, we are running almost $500,000 ahead of the budget revenue assumptions.  If this continues – we don’t know what effect the strike will actually have on revenue-our unencumbered balance will reach the $14,000,000 range.  The road project and lighting projects would be a deduct from that amount.  We are currently showing a surplus of $$280,367.96 excluding the Evendale Commons TIF.
TIF Bonds - Councilmember Schaefer spoke with Tim Burke on this issue.  The recommended course is that a letter be sent to Anchor explaining that under current conditions, it is not economically feasible to issue TIF Bonds.  George will follow up with Tim to make certain the appropriate person sends the letter.
Investment Status.  -  George reported that the paper work is still not
done.  The apparent problem is the new federal financial regulations conflict with the obligations of municipal corporations under Ohio law. George is contacting U.S. Bank and Fifth Third to explore other investment options.

        George finally advised that the Tax Budget for 2012 is complete and must be enacted at the July Council meeting.

III.    Engineering/Service

        James Jeffers reported that Monet is complete.  Glendale-Milford is now ready to begin, depending on the availability of railroad flag crews. The Mohler Road waterline project has begun.  Unfortunately a galvanized storm sewer pipe was discovered to be deteriorating.  Blue Ash and Evendale are working with the Waterworks contractor to replace it.  There may be some cost to Evendale.  James will work with Jim Bothe and George to determine whether council action is needed on this issue.

        James noted that he has been working with Jeffery Allen to resolve landscaping issues in the Park Hills cul-de-sacs of Vineyard Ridge and Normandy.

        Finally, James noted that the bids for the lighting and road project will be available before the next committee meeting.  Included in the road project is work to resolve a storm water issue along Wyscarver.

Councilmember Smiley Robertson commented the Evendale Service Department was a great help to the Hamilton County Park District in erecting flags and banners for one of their events.  Councilmember Vonderhaar noted that the Hamilton County Stormwater District Budget is being prepared.  Copies of the preliminary document were provided to Jack Cameron to be distributed to Council.

IV.     Gorman Farm

        Sandra Murphy submitted a monthly report to the committee and appeared in person.  The report is attached.  Sandra indicated  that she had attended a 5 year plan meeting and work was progressing.

V.      Recreation

       Dave Nichols indicated to Councilmember Schaefer that he had received no comments about the proposed fee resolution.  Councilmembers Smiley-Robertson and Vonderhaar also had received no comments about the proposal.

VI.     Administration

        Jack Cameron noted that two GE Parkway proposals had been prepared by Jay Hamilton of ODOT.  Neither GE nor Evendale had specifically approved or rejected either proposal. After some discussion, it was recommended that Jack brief Council as a whole on the status of the project at June Council meeting.
        Jack indicated that the Planning Commission will shortly receive the initial revised zoning code draft.  The Available for Development signs will shortly go up at the old Fifth/Third and Hotel site.  Jack noted that he has been working to revise the Village website and should have specific in about two months.  Finally, Jack attended some meetings in Sharonville and it appears that Norfolk Southern is expecting to see at least 10% growth in the volume at the Sharon rail yard.

VII.    Other items

Councilmember Vonderhaar and Jack Cameron also commented that Blue Ash has unveiled preliminary park plans for Blue Ash airport.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

                                                Christian J. Schaefer
                                                Committee Chairman