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Finance-Adm-Rec-Service-Eng-GHF Minutes 07/05/11

July 5, 2011

        The Finance, Recreation, Service, Engineering and Gorman Farm Committee met at 6:00 pm on July 5, 2011.  Present were Councilmembers Smiley-Robertson, Vonderhaar, and Schaefer.  Also in attendance during portions of the meeting were Jack Cameron, James Jeffers, George Snyder, Sandra Murphy and Dave Nichols.  

I.      Finance Reports

          George adjusted the estimated earnings tax receipts upward so the projected unencumbered balance for the end of 2011 is $13,478,610.  Last year’s year end unencumbered balance was $12,571,114.
The actual tax receipts continue to run ahead of 2010.  Year to date we have collected $312,492.  The tax revenue projection in the budget for 2011 was $10,500,000.  Last year we collected $10,807,937.90.  So, as of May 31, we are running more than $600,000 ahead of the budget revenue assumptions.  The labor contract at GE has been approved so there is not the immediate danger of an interruption in revenue.

        This month we had a cash deficit of (-$47,861.98).  The year to date cash surplus is $232,505.98 excluding the Evendale Commons TIF.
Investment Status.  -  George reported that the paper work is still not
finished.  The apparent problem is the new federal financial regulations conflict with the obligations of municipal corporations under Ohio law. George is contacting U.S. Bank and Fifth Third to explore other investment options.

        George finally advised that the Tax Budget for 2012 is complete and must be enacted at the July Council meeting.  Additionally, there will be an Ordinance to renew liability insurance with the Ohio Risk Management Pool.  Our rate was reduced about $20,000.  Finally, the police department needs about $1,000 appropriated to funds indigent counsel and about $25,000 may be needed for the Service Department for lighting on new Margate that will be installed by Duke Energy at the time of the road project.  George will meet with Jim Bothe to determine whether the current budget contains sufficient funds for this project.

II.     Engineering/Service

        James Jeffers reported the Glendale-Milford project resume will begin August 1, 2011.  The Mohler Road waterline project is nearly completed.  The bids have been tabulated for the new Margate and Lighting projects.  Ordinances will be prepared for acceptance of these bids at the July Council meeting.  The lighting appropriation will include about $15,000 for Service Department to complete the work and to bring the camera link to the Police Department from the Service Department when it is installed in the 2012 Traffic Signal Project.

III.    Administrative
Jack Cameron reported that he has had several calls about the Village Landing Property including one involving medical offices.  He will follow up with CIC on these calls.  The Planning Commission will take up the Zoning Code updates on July 19th at their regular meeting.

IV. Recreation

Dave Nichols reported that the new tread mills are installed the all but one of the old ones will be auctioned through a web auction site established by the county.   The police department will use the one not auctioned.  No major problems were reported at the Fourth of July Celebration.  There have been no comments about the recreation fee Resolution.  Dave Carraci will be presented with a Resolution at the July Council meeting.

V.      Gorman Farm

Sandra reported that a proposed trail location is being recommended by the Farm.  Councilmember Schaefer suggested that it be marked so others can examine the proposal.  Sandra, in addition to the written report indicated that 18 Families are renting plots.  6 families are on a waiting list.  Additionally, the state budget has protected farms from liability for escaping farm animals and while cutting funds for extension services, the elimination of the estate tax is seen as beneficial to family farms.  Corn has been planted, wheat prices are high and there is strong demand for hay in southwestern Ohio.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

                                                Christian J. Schaefer
                                                Committee Chairman
        Gorman Heritage Farm
July 5, 2011

Report to Village Pre-council Committee

•       Many camp weeks are full with waiting lists

Marketing and Development
•       Row by Row-we are requesting some help with this in the form of sponsorships and gifts for the raffle.
•       Some raffle prizes  have been donated but more are needed
•       We have very few sponsorships for Row by Row so far
•       Row by Row-one of our raffle items is a painting by Jim Effler-see his work on He has many paintings of the farm for sale.
•       Raffle tickets have been sent out to our mailing list
•       Sandra on Channel 19 for interview abut bees July 6

•       Most vegetables planted
•       Most rental gardens have been planted
•       First sweet corn and potatoes planted
•       Market Cart will  early July

Eagle Scout projects in process/spoken for
•       fence around farm duck area-completed
•       cover for cob oven
•       drainage system for backyard
•       steps above the pavilion
•       chicken housing for pasture

•       weather a deterrent to field operations, especially haying
•       We have a field of volunteer wheat, which means we will have more for sale this  year, especially straw.
•       Work continues on policy development and formatting
•       Pavilion shed is almost complete; some carpentry work remains
•       Several pavilion rentals have been reserved in June

Internal operations –
•       We will be completing the  staff handbook and should have it ready for review by the board in June
•       The state office of historical preservation has approved our application to apply for Historic Places status. The Evendale Historic Commission has approved paying historian Steve Gordon $3900 to do the application.

Misc. Agriculture News
•       Corn planting here in Ohio and nationally has been delayed because of excessive rain. Corn prices in general are very high
•       Public demands for fresh local food from farm markets very high. Most bigger donors to GHF are also produce and meat buyers.

Recommended Reading: Mission to Money by Alan Proctor
Upcoming dates:
•       Market Cart opens
•       July 9 pasta class
•       July 23-honey extraction
•       July 27 Evendale Golf Outing
•       July 31-Row by Row fundraiser