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Finance-Adm-Rec-Service-Eng-GHF Minutes 09/06/11

September 6, 2011

        The Finance, Recreation, Service, Engineering and Gorman Farm Committee met at 5:00 pm on September 6, 2011 at the Gorman Heritage Farm to look at proposed trail locations.  Present at the Farm were Rob Wight, Sandra Murphy, Dave Nichols, Jim Bothe, James Jeffers, Councilmembers Vonderhaar, and Schaefer, and Mayor Apking. Two trail locations were discussed. The location which seemed to meet the needs of the recreation department and the Farm would proceed on the existing farm way through the fields along Cooper Road.  On the north side of the field the trail will proceed through the gate and turn right.  It would proceed to the base of the service road to the upper meadow.  At that point a new trail will be cut diagonally across the hillside southwest corner of the fenced area around the upper meadow.  From there, the trail will proceed around the outside of the fence to the Kingsport trail constructed some years ago by the Service Department.

The committee reconvened at the police conference room in the Village Administrative Building.  Present during all or portions of the remained of the meeting were James Jeffers, Sandra Murphy, Rob Wight, Jim Bothe, and Councilmembers Smiley Robertson, Vonderhaar, Lohmeier, and Schaefer.

I.      Finance Reports

        George Snyder was not present but gave the financial reports in writing.  The projected unencumbered balance without the TIF is $13,247,480.  The actual tax receipts now are about $500,000 ahead of 2010.   We are currently showing a cash surplus of $516,333.90 excluding the Evendale Commons TIF.
Investment Status.  -  The committee does not recommend ignoring the advice of Counsel on the indemnification issue.  Either a change in the law or investment options not requiring indemnification need to be explored.

Evendale Common TIF issue – George forwarded some emails about using the TIF balance to reduce the indebtedness so that Anchor can reduce its Letter of Credit guaranteeing the interest only bonds.  The committee can see no direct advantage to Evendale in reducing the debt level prior to the time we are contractually required to do so.

II.     Engineering/Service

        James Jeffers reported that catch basins have been repaired on Sherbrooke, Medallion, and Rexford Drives.  The Margate project is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks.  The completion of the Glendale Milford is scheduled to be completed September 19th and October 19th.

James reported that while he and Jack met with ODOT, there has not been feedback from GE on the Phase I plans for the Thru the Valley Project.  James will ask Jack to arrange a special meeting with the committee before formulating a position after discussions with GE.

James and Jim Bothe are going to put about $35,000 in next year’s budget for minor street repairs if needed.  They will work to develop guidelines to determine when in-house repairs can be done and when a contractor will be needed.

The lighting project will be completed in early October.  New trees will be planted in the islands.  The conduit installation required removal of the trees.    

III.    Gorman Farm

        Sandra Murphy submitted a monthly report to the committee and appeared in person.  The report is attached.  

        Rob Wight presented a status report on the development of the Five Year Plan.  There have been four committees at the farm looking at various aspects of the farm operations.  Those committees have completed their work. An executive committee is now integrating the work of the other four committees.  It is expected that the Council Committee will have the completed plan in late October and it will be presented to Council in November.

        The only item for immediate action is the Farm’s request to dispose of un-needed Farm equipment owned by the Village of Evendale.   Sandra will present the list to George Snyder so that we can properly sell or otherwise dispose of the equipment.  The Farm would like to have the sale proceeds appropriated to the Farm so needed equipment could be purchased.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

                                                Christian J. Schaefer
                                                Committee Chairman