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Finance-Adm-Rec-Service-Eng-GHF Minutes11/01/11

November 1, 2011

        The Finance, Recreation, Service, Engineering and Gorman Farm Committee met at 6:00 pm on November 1, 2011.  Present during all or portions of the meeting were Jack Cameron, Dave Nichols, James Jeffers, George Snyder, Jim Bothe, and Councilmembers Smiley-Robertson, Vonderhaar,, and Schaefer. Mayor Apking, Mayoral Candidate Schneider, Jim Cole and Tom Blandford were also present during the meeting

I.      Finance Reports

        George Snyder  presented the financial reports..  The projected unencumbered balance without the TIF has been raised to $14,062,953.   We are currently showing a cash surplus of $919,592.62 excluding the Evendale Commons TIF.  October tax receipts were $189,579.47 ahead of last year.  Earning tax receipts are $809,011.51 ahead of last year.
There is a transfer ordinance with funds for the Service Department for equipment repair and additional funds for the fire department to cover additional health insurance costs as well as the cost of the fire clerk position.  The fire clerk costs are due to required payments upon the retirement of the former clerk.  

Finally, George is seeking a solicitor opinion about certain costs claimed by Anchor from the TIF due to their Letter of Credit.

        Council needs to schedule a special budget meeting in November.
II.     Administration

Jack Cameron reported that the zoning review task committee has completed work on the commercial and office use district and is now halfway through the Industrial Districts.  The next meeting, scheduled for 2:00pm on November 7, 2011 will continue discussions of the Industrial Districts.

Jack Cameron also discussed the status of the Electrical Endorsement.  The propose rate for two years is 63.9 cents, same as last year.

III.    Engineering/Service

        The Margate project is continuing.  An issue was raised about the driveway entrance profile.  The one being used is lower to help eliminate scraping on some steeper driveways.  James gave assurances that it will not allow more water to flow down the downhill driveways than the old curb cut profile.  It is the same profile used on Monet.

The Glendale-Milford project should be completed in the next few weeks.

Finally, James reported that the final engineering review of the Signal project for next year is due in December.

The Service Department is interviewing for the part-time clerk.  They had six applicants initially.  Interviews are scheduled over next week.  It may be possible for the new clerk to be hired before the next meeting.  More likely it will be ready for the December meeting.

IV.     Gorman Farm

        Sandra Murphy was unable to attend, but submitted a monthly report to the committee.  The Gorman farm is interested in selling unneeded equipment.  The equipment belongs to Evendale.  George will work with the Farm so that the proper Ordinance is submitted to Council.  A discussion then ensued concerning whether the funds should be re-appropriated to the Farm.  The committee generally felt that the funds should be re-appropriated, but wanted to wait until the items are sold and amounts received are known.
Two unneeded items are antique tractors with a value of about $1,000 according to Jim Cole.  The committee decided to wait on those items until they had a chance to look at the tractors.  Jim Cole reported them to look good, but substantial mechanical repairs are necessary if the tractors were to again be used for farming.  

        V.      Recreation

Dave Nichols reported that the Swimming Pool operator bid tour and the Fitness Center bid tour took place.  Only one bidder for the pool participated.  Two participated for the Fitness Center.  Bids will be opened on November 10th.  The lowest and best bidder will not be determined in time for the November meeting.

Dave also reported that the old exercise equipment is being sold on the Hamilton County Auction website.  There are bids on all items.

The meeting recessed at 6:45 pm.

VI.     Gorman Heritage Farm Five Year Plan review.

The meeting reconvened at 7:00 with most of the Gorman Farm Staff, several board members and the consultant who has been helping the farm for the last two years in attendance.  Brian Babb presented a power point summary of the plan and handed out hard copies to members of Council.

Since the committee members had not reviewed the plan, the discussion turned primarily to the manner of presentation to Evendale Council.  The committee recommended that each council member be provided a copy and for comments of councilmembers be collated by Jack Cameron. Thereafter the comments would be presented to council so that conflicts could be decided or compromised.  Then all comments would be sent to the Gorman Farm.  If all finally are in agreement, the plan would be submitted to Council for approval.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

                                                Christian J. Schaefer
                                                Committee Chairman