Recreation Staff


Position/Responsible for:Started with Evendale in:

David Nichols, CPRP

Director of Recreation1997
Kim Pielage, CPRPChildren's Programs, Family Special Events, Phi Lambda Pi, Adult Programs Specialist, Founder's Pavilion Coordinator1995
Kristen Maiden, CPRPSports Programs, Childcare Staff Supervisor, Contract Fitness Programs, Building & Grounds Staff Supervisor1997
Lynne TholeAdministrative Secretary2000
Nancy HagnerFamily Special Events1985
Abby MoonitzChildren's Pre-School Programs1992
Adam KnightChildren's Pre-School Programs, Phi Lambda Pi Advisor1994
Ben SeebohmBuilding & Grounds Attendant2008
Craig GorsuchSwim Team Assistant Coach2010
Darcie GorsuchSwim Team Assistant Coach2014
David MaloneyBuilding & Grounds Attendant2012
Debbie WalkerSwim Team Head Coach2012
Elyse SpraulSwim Team Assistant Coach2013
Emily WeberSwim Team Assistant Coach2010
Grace NunnAsst. Tennis Instructor2015
Howard HughesBuilding & Grounds Supervisor/ISM2009

Jody Petersman

Children's Pre-School Programs2007
Josh CaudillBuilding & Grounds Attendant2011
Lindsey AshChild Care Attendant2015
Lisa MarshallChild Care Attendant2003
Mandy IngramBuilding & Grounds Attendant2014
Marcia MossoCustomer Service Clerk2012
Mark HessePhi Lambda Pi Advisor2014
Mary SchmidtCustomer Service Clerk2013
Michael SpraulSwim Team Assistant Coach2011
Michele MurrayCustomer Service Clerk2013
Nancy AshleyBuilding & Grounds Attendant2014
Nicole ThompsonFamily Special Events1999
Noel MounceChild Care Attendant2002
Pat OrloffBuilding & Grounds Attendant1990
Patti LyonChild Care Attendant1991
Phyllis StrizakChild Care Attendant2002
"Pip" RehgAsst. Tennis Instructor2013

Rebecca Walz

Customer Service Clerk2014
Ron CutterBuilding & Grounds Attendant1990
Samantha RuscinBuilding & Grounds Attendant2010
Sandy PuthoffChild Care Attendant2007
Sarah HiltonChild Care Attendant, Children's Pre-School Programs2006
Stephanie CrawfordCustomer Service Clerk2006
Tara BainChild Care Attendant2013
Tom LyndBuilding & Grounds Attendant2013
Tony TeufelHead Tennis Instructor2011
Vincent MazzoneSwim Team Assistant Coach2013
Zach TuckerBuilding & Grounds Attendant2011