Duke Pipeline Information


Directional Drill under Reading Road and Millcreek

The contractor will begin setting up for the installation of the pipeline under Reading Road and the Millcreek on Monday, April 12.  It will take approximately a week to set up the equipment and material.  Then the contractor will begin the directional drilling process on April 19 taking approximately 3 weeks to complete.  While the drilling is occurring, sections of the pipeline will be constructed in the field between the Cultural Arts Center and the Service Department.  After the pipe is installed the contractor will clean up the fields and remove any equipment and excess materials and anticipate being completed by May 21, 2021.  Click title above for the construction plans.

Duke Pipeline Project Quarterly Update Notes

The enclosed documents are the construction applications and conditional approvals for the various sections of the Duke Pipeline Project in Evendale.

The enclosed documents are for the easement agreement between Duke and Village of Evendale for the property at the northeast side of Glendale Milford and Reading Road.

These documents are the proposed Maintenance of Traffic plan for installation of the Duke Pipeline project. 

2020 Amdendments


July 16, 2020

Duke Attendees: Gary Hebbler, Brittany Webb, James Olberding, Nick Weil, Chad Schaffer

Village Attendees: Mayor Finan, James Jeffers, Andrew Rodney

  • Duke working on construction documents for bids.
    • August 4, 2020 bid.
    • Mid-September bid deadline.
    • Mid-October hiring of contractor.
  • Construction Schedule.
    • Station work expected in December.
    • Pipeline construction to commence Feb./Mar. 2021.
    • Construction completion by December 2021.
    • 7am-7pm daily work schedule.
  • Duke actively purchasing easements along the pipeline route.
  • Glendale-Milford Lot.
    • Designs for equipment installation forthcoming, to include equipment sizes, screening, placement, and Village access to adjacent park.
  • Contractor construction schedule will be limited by the availability of easements in which to conduct the work.
  • Duke requested that easements be negotiated prior to the resolution of the pipeline lawsuit to facilitate construction.
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan.
    • Glendale-Milford will be closed in sections to all but local traffic. Park Hills/Carpenter’s Creek traffic will be encouraged to enter neighborhoods via Cooper/Mohler and Plainfield.
    • Work – at this time – planned to begin at Plainfield Road and travel west.
    • Residential driveway access will be maintained.
    • One lane of traffic will be maintained.
    • Temporary road restoration will occur continuously as each section of pipe is completed. At end of project, a full mill and pave of the roadway will occur.
    • Duke requesting Evendale Police presence to assist with traffic management.
    • Electronic signs to be placed one month in advance warning of upcoming construction.
    • Notification mailings will occur to property owners along the route.
    • Weekly construction updates will be posted on Duke’s pipeline website.
    • Media notices will be distributed for local news traffic reports.
    • Door hangers placed on individual properties 48 hours prior to commencement of construction near their property.
    • Detours to be posted encouraging alternative routes.
      • Plainfield Road.
      • Cooper Road.
      • Creek Road.
    • Duke to provide Village with a copy of their MOT plan.
  • Duke reviewed the program and protocols for working in the right-of-way and easement areas post-construction to minimize disturbance to the pipeline.
    • Duke to follow-up with a letter summarizing the discussion.
  • Gas Safety Training
    • Three (3) dates in September.
    • Virtual
    • Police, Fire, EMS, and Public Works staff encourage to participate.

Proposed Duke gas route see attached PDF.

PDF icon duke_proposed_gas_route.pdf7.98 MB