Shelter House

This formerly open-air picnic shelter was built in honor of the Village's 25th Anniversary. It has since been enclosed with sliding glass doors and become a very popular facility for residents to host family parties. It can be rented up to one year in advance, on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is heated; therefore it can be rented year-round. Ceiling fans the open door help to create a breeze during the warm summer months.

Anyone renting our facilities must be at least 21 years old. Only one rental is done per day. Anyone renting the shelter must be cleaned up and cleared out by 1:00AM (Midnight on school/work nights). Department programs or other special uses dictate the availability of the baseball diamond next to the shelter.

The resident who rented the facility must be present during the event 100% of the time; and is responsible for any damages that may occur while his/her group is using the shelter. A key-and-cleaning deposit is required when you pick up the keys. This must be a check from the resident who rented the shelter. Keys can be picked up 24 hours in advance of the rental. Keys must be returned to the Recreation Department by the end of the Department’s next business day. Key-and-Cleaning Deposit checks are mailed back after the rental, and the inspection report is submitted to the recreation office by the Supervisor.

Alcohol is permitted if you have completed the Alcohol Permit prior to the event. NO sound systems, speakers, DJ’s, etc., allowed without written authorization from the Recreation Department Director or designated staff. NO rides, amusements, concessions, hot or cold air balloons are allowed.

The shelter holds up to 90 people; and has picnic table seating. A microwave oven, outdoor grill, and a walk-in cooler (things must be cold before you put them in the cooler) are provided. The resident is responsible for leaving the shelter area clean and orderly.

Further details and cleaning specifications are listed on the back of the Shelter House Application/Permit.

You must be an Evendale resident to rent our facilities for your family function. An Evendale business may rent our facilites for a business function.