Hamilton County Recyling & Solid Waste District

Best Village Recyling Rate
Best Recycling for Village


Evendale achieved an impressive 30.11% recycling rate in 2017, earning the highest recycling rate of any community in Hamilton County not just the villages.

Evendale offers their residents automatic weekly collection of recycling at the curb. Once a year they hold a community recycling day where they collect documents for shredding, electronics, and hazardous waste. The village recently added new large recycling cans all around the public ball fields and shelters.

The Village of Evendale Service Department offers weekly pick up of brush from residents and operates their own chipper. The village then makes these chips available to residents. Diverting these yard trimmings from the landfill helps increase Evendale’s recycling rate. In 2017, Evendale resident’s recycling efforts reduced more air pollution that if every household in Evendale rode their bicycle to work for 3 ½ months.

Congratulations to the Village of Evendale! Thank you to our residents.