I am a new resident and have not registered through the tax department. Can I still use the recreation facilities?

All prospective residential members (PRM) must register at the Tax Department in the Village of Evendale Administrative Building, 10500 Reading Road. If PRM has not registered at the Tax Department, the PRM can complete the Village of Evendale Income Tax form (see Appendix), (the PRM will seal the form in Department envelope). The Department will issue a Temporary ID pass(es), and PRM can have his/her/their photos taken at this time. Payment is required for all requested memberships and, if photo taken, ID card(s.) Falsification of residential information by PRM will result in forfeiture of membership(s) and ID card(s) payment. Upon verification by the Tax Department, the Department will issue the permanent ID card(s) to the resident(s).

Before a permanent, full-time employee working within the Village of Evendale boundaries can purchase a business membership, the prospective member must complete an application form and submit proof of Evendale payroll tax (a pay stub).