I am a resident, but I don’t know how to rent an amenity (i.e. shelter house, community room). What is the procedure?

The shelter house can be rented up to one (1) year in advance and is rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. To rent the shelter:

  1. Come to the Recreation Center, and confirm the date is available;
  2. If the date is available, just fill out the application, pay the fee, and you are all set.

Because of department programming, the main Recreation building has a more involved rental process. Residents may stop in to the Recreation Center to find out the availability of rooms and dates, and begin the rental process. If your requested date and room are available, then the application is routed to staff who verify room availability, procure a Building and Grounds Supervisor, and no programs are planned, etc. Once staff has reviewed your application, you will be contacted with either the approval or denial of the application. If your request is approved, the rental fee is due. The room deposit fee and a room set up sheet will be due one week before your event. An alcohol permit section is on the application, and (if applicable) the prospective renter completes this section of the application. The Recreation Department forwards a copy of the entire permit to the Police Department.