Rental Registration Program

In 2016, Evendale Village Council passed an ordinance creating a rental registration program applicable to all residential rental properties in the Village.  The program was created to help protect the health, safety and general welfare of residents living in rental property by establishing minimum standards for the maintenance and upkeep of the exterior and interior of homes.

Effective immediately, rental property owners are to submit an Rental Registration Application for a rental permit to the Village Building Department.  The application fee is $100 per property. Applicants can then schedule a property inspection with Village official or they may waive the inspection by signing a sworn affidavit testifying their property is code compliant.  The Manager will work with property owners and tenants to resolve code violations.  While the Village seeks voluntary compliance, owners and/or tenants could face penalties and legal charges should they fail to comply with the Code.  Permits are valid for 5 years unless a change in occupancy occurs, at which time Permits must be renewed and an inspection scheduled (or waiver signed) prior to the new occupancy.  Evendale code prohibits both short-term rentals (30 days or less) and more than four (4) occupancy changes within any 365 day period.  Evendale rental homes should also be registered with the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office using their application form.  

The creation of the rental registration program was the result of a multi-year study and overall revision of the Village’s property maintenance code, applicable to all residential properties. For more information about the rental registration program, please click the following link to a Frequently Asked Questions page. To review applicable codes, please here. To review a copy of the Rental Inspection Checklist, click here.

Please contact Mark Elma, Building, Planning, & Zoning Manager, at 513-956-2665 with any additional questions.