Building Permit Applications

Document Name

New Business Tax Questionnaire FormFor any resident business located in the Village of Evendale or any nonresident business providing services or operating within the Village.
Building Permit ApplicationFor any new construction, additions, alterations, demolition, fences, decks, sheds, accessory buildings, or signs.
Building Permit FeesBuilding permit fee schedule
Mechanical, Fire Suppression, & Storage Tank Permit ApplicationFor installation of HVAC, fire suppression, storage tanks, or other mechanical equipment in residential or commercial structures.
Certificate of Use and Occupancy ApplicationFor change of tenant in commercial spaces.
Conditional Use Permit ApplicationTo request a Conditional Use as allowed for in the Zoning Code.
Similar Use Permit ApplicationTo request a Similar Use designation by the Building Commissioner.
Residential Rental Permit ApplicationTo register a new residential rental permit or to renew a residential rental permit upon new occupancy.
Right-of-Way Permit ApplicationFor any work to be conducted within the public right-of-way, regardless if the work is to be conducted below, on, or above the right-of-way.
Roof Permit ApplicationFor roof replacement on residential or commercial structures.
Site Plan Review ApplicationFor commercial and industrial site plan review.
Special Event Permit ApplicationFor carnivals, festivals, tent sales, etc.
Street Opening Permit ApplicationIs necessary whenever someone wants to excavate with in the public right-of-way.
Subdivision ApplicationTo request approval of a subdivision, including lot splits and lot consolidations.
Swimming Pool Permit ApplicationFor installation of new pool on residential or commercial property.
Water Management Sediment Control Permit ApplicationIs necessary whenever 100 cubic yards or more of dirt is being moved either in or out of the property.
Variance Application, Non-SignTo apply to request a non-sign variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Variance Application, SignTo apply to request a sign variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Zoning Certificate of Compliance ApplicationTo determine if the new commercial occupant/tenant is a permitted use in that specific district.
Zoning Map Amendment ApplicationTo apply for an amendment to the Official Zoning Map.
Zoning Code Text Amendment ApplicationTo apply for an amendment to the Evendale Zoning Code.
Zoning Verification Letter ApplicationTo request a zoning verification letter.

Other Permits

Document NameSourcePhone

Plumbing Permit

Hamilton County Health Department - Plumbing Dept.946-7852

Electrical Permit

The Inspection Bureau, Inc.381-6080

Septic Permit

Hamilton County Health Department - Plumbing Dept.946-7852

Sanitary Sewer Permit

Metropolitan Sewer District(513) 352-4900