Fire Department Roster

Evendale FD

The Evendale Fire Department consists of one chief, three captains, three lieutenant/paramedics, eighteen firefighter/paramedics, and a clerk.

The fire chief works a 40-hour week and is on call 24 hours a day, every day. The administrative assistant works a 25 hour week. The captains, lieutenants and firefighter/paramedics work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. There are three shifts and each consists of a captain, a lieutenant/paramedic and six firefighter/paramedics.

Fire Department Roster



Michael K. Hauck


Kara Brown

Administrative Assistant


Daniel T. Graham

Unit 2 Captain3/23/1998

Robert J. Lehman

Unit 3 Captain6/15/2008

Joshua R. Asbach

Unit 2 Captain6/15/2008

Andy W. Ahlert

Unit 1 Captain5/16/2013

David D. Stark

Unit 3 Lieutenant1/8/2002

Andrew C. Wilfong

Unit 1 Lieutenant9/15/2009

Stephen E. Roos

Unit 2 Lieutenant11/19/2018

Steven E. Hamm

Unit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic7/19/2006

Carlton E. Thomas

Unit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic6/15/2008

Kyle D. Nelson

Unit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic1/20/2015

Robert J.Durnwald

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic8/14/2015

R. Jaeson Hudnall

Unit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic9/15/2016

Matthew D. Lewis

Unit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic3/16/2017

Jordon M. Duguid

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic5/15/2017

Robert ML Green

Unit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic7/10/2019

Peter Lovaas

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic9/22/2021

Matthew R. Stelle

Unit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic2/08/2022

Austin Doyle

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic4/13/2022

Peyton H. Ogle

Unit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic7/12/2022

James McManus

Unit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic12/13/2022

Thomas Stall

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic


Clint Platt

Unit 2 Firefighter/Paramedic


Timothy GoryUnit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic03/21/2023
Ian ObenshainUnit 1 Firefighter/Paramedic


Andy RobbenUnit 3 Firefighter/Paramedic12/12/2023
Robbie PotterFire Marshal12/12/2023