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Are You Expressing Your Creativity?confused girl

  • Unsure how to express your artistic side
  • Frustrated and unsure where to start
  • Not making time for yourself
  • Afraid to step out of your comfort zone

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Many people are hesitant to take a creative class because they don’t think they have enough talent. At the Evendale Cultural Arts Center we make it easy and fun to discover your inner artist.



Starting Your Creative Journey is Simple

Here’s How:

Review the Upcoming Programs
From art, to music, acting or a full calendar of events and exhibits, check out all the options the center offers.

Register Today to Start Your Journey
Select your class or program to attend and prepare for a fun experience.  

Discover Your Inner Artist
Express your creative side in a community of like minded souls.

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We Make It Easy to Express Your Creative Side

At Evendale Cultural Arts, we know you want to be inspired and fulfilled. In order to do that, you need to find a program that fits your creative passion. It’s frustrating when you are not sure where to look to find the right place to express your creative side.

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Like you, we appreciate the arts and value being able to express our creativity in a community of like-minded people. We understand because we are just like you! Artists, musicians, dancers, performers and more who all value the arts and artistic expression.

For over 15 years the Evendale Cultural Arts Center has been supporting the arts in Cincinnati with professional instructors and top quality events and award winning exhibits. With the addition of the new Bell Tower Arts Pavilion, we continue our mission to bring more arts to the community. There’s never a better time to express your creative side!
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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Gordy Director (513) 563-1350

Evendale Cultural Arts Commission Members

Name Title
Bill Puthoff Council Representative
Nick Young Member (12/31/22)
Martha Carmody Member (12/31/22)
Jodi Kessler Member (12/31/22)
Amy McKnight Member (12/31/23)
Alyssa Hayes Member (12/31/23)
Laura Ghory Member (12/31/23)
Tricia Wilkens Member (12/31/23)