Code Enforcement

Active enforcement of the Property Maintenance and Zoning Codes is an important component of maintaining the quality of life residents, businesses, and property owners have come to expect in the Village of Evendale. Through these Codes, the Village ensures all property is preserved to a minimum standard of care and maintenance that is universally applicable regardless of size, location, or use.

However, the Village understands that not every code matter requires the same response. Therefore, the Village makes every effort to work with property owners to achieve compliance in a reasonable manner. The issuance of citations or prosecution through the courts is used only as a last resort.

When alerted to a potential violation either through personal observation or a citizen report, the Code Enforcement Officer generally follows a basic protocol:

  1. Contact – An initial contact is usually made in person to make notification of the violation. The owner, resident, business, or tenant is then requested to correct the violation in a reasonable timeframe. If a personal contact cannot be made at the time the violation is observed, the Code Officer will either leave a note at the property or send a Courtesy Notice of Violation in the mail.
  2. Corrective Action – Depending upon the nature of the violation, corrective action may take as little as a few days or as long as several months. If no contact is received from the party at fault, the Code Officer will return in a reasonable timeframe – typically 7-14 days – to determine if the violation was self-corrected. If so, the case is closed without further action or notification.

Note:  It is important to contact the Code Officer as soon as possible to request additional time for abatement. Most all reasonable requests for a time extension are granted without issue. In extreme cases, the Village reserves the right to immediately abate the violation if there is an imminent threat to life or property. Costs associated with such abatement action will be assessed as a lien on the property.

  1. Citation Issuance – If after a reasonable time the violation is not corrected or no response is received, a citation for each code violation may be issued. Each citation carries a charge of a minor misdemeanor and $205 fine. An offending party must pay the fine, or dispute the citation in Mayor’s Court where additional costs or requirements may be levied. If the violation remains, a new citation will be issued. Charges and fines will escalate with each subsequent citation.
  2. Village Abatement – If the property remains in violation, the Village may initiate abatement and assess all costs - including fines and court costs - to the owner as a lien on the property.

In the end, the Village encourages the owner, resident, business, or tenant to self-correct any observed code violations. Reasonable time is often granted to obtain compliance. However, in extreme cases, the Village will take the necessary action(s) to ensure the violation is corrected to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the community.

Use the links below to review the code sections relevant to property maintenance and zoning code enforcement:

Chapter 660: Safety, Sanitation, and Health

Chapter 670: Unclean Habitations

Chapter 674: Trees, Weeds, and Litter

Chapter 885: Short-Term Residential Rentals

Chapter 1052: Stormwater Facilities

Chapters 1240-1286: Evendale Zoning Code

Chapter 1468: Property Maintenance Code & Rental Registration Program

Chapter 1480: Minimum Housing Standards

For questions or concerns regarding property maintenance and zoning code enforcement, or to report a potential violation, call (513-956-2665) or email ( Your report can remain anonymous.