Right-of-Way Work

Work in the Right-of-Way work requires permission from the Village. The Right-of-Way is generally the area ten feet back from the curb into a yard. It could be greater or possibly less depending on the street. This area is a type of easement called a Right- of-Way, which the Village controls. Nothing is permissible to be placed in the ROW without the Village's prior approval. Items placed in the ROW by a property owner are potentially at risk of removal should the area be disturbed by the Village or other utility provider.

The items listed below are to be filed with the Building Department and require permission prior to starting work.

  • Driveway, new construction;
  • Driveway, replacement and driveway apron replacement;
  • Invisible fence installation;
  • Sprinkler system installation;
  • Landscaping, retaining or decorative wall; and
  • Any other installation along the roadway.