Call Multiplier (Expiring January 1st.)

Emergency Notification

The Village of Evendale has contracted with CallMultiplier to provide emergency notifications to residents and businesses of Evendale.  The CallMultiplier system delivers notifications via your regular phone line and/or your mobile phone.  The Village will activate alerts for emergency incidents and other events that affect the residents and businesses of Evendale.

In order to receive these notifications you can mail or drop off the completed CallMultiplier form to the Evendale Fire Department. The form can be found on the Village website.  The forms also available at the Fire, Recreation and Administration offices.  Your participation in this notification system is voluntary. This database is held by CallMultiplier Notification and its security is guaranteed by CallMultiplier Notification.

To download a copy of the CallMultiplier click here.

Disclaimer:  Please be aware that while we believe the CallMultiplier Notification system is an excellent tool to serve the needs of the Village and our residents, it is not infallible.  Everyone should use common sense and pay attention to weather sirens and weather reports.  The Village of Evendale is not liable if the CallMultiplier Notification fails or is not activated in times of emergency.