Mayor & Village Council

Regular Council meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. Agendas are posted on the website as well as at Recreation Center and Administration Building. You may also subscribe to various agendas by "Subscribe to News" and then you will receive the agendas through emails.


Council Committee Meetings:

Council Committees are the sub-committees of council. They meet seven days prior to the regularly scheduled council meetings which is the Tuesday of the week before the council meeting will take place. Meetings take place in council chambers and council library.

Finance-Recreation- Evendale Cultural Arts Center and Code Enforcement Committee- 6:00 pm

This Council committee consists of three council members; Jeff Albrinck (Chair), Chris Schaefer and Bill Puthoff;  CFO, Recreation Director, Cultural Arts Centers Director, and Mr. Mercer.

Police-Fire-Service- Engineering and GHF- 4:00 pm

This Council committee consists of three council members; John Ranz (Chair), Beth McDaniel and Carolyn Smiley-Robertson; Police Chief, Fire Chief, Service Department Director, Village Engineer, and Tricia Watts, GHF Executive Director.   

The Village Clerk is Barb Rohs. Barb's position is part time and her duties include serving Council, coordinating all legislature for Council Meetings, posting notification of public meetings of Council, preparing Council Meeting minutes and maintaining Village records. Public Records Requests are also handled by the Village Clerk.

Contact All Council Members

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard H. Finan Mayor (513) 563-2244
David Elmer, MPA Director of Administrative Services (513) 563-2244
Barb Rohs Village Clerk (513) 563-2244 ext. 105

Council Members

Name Title
Richard H. Finan Mayor (12/01/19)
Jeff Albrinck Vice Mayor (12/01/19)
John Ranz, Jr. President of Council (12/01/19)
William D. Puthoff, Jr. Member (12/01/17)
Christian J. Schaefer Member (12/01/17)
Carolyn Smiley-Robertson Member (12/01/17)
Beth McDaniel Member (12/01/19)