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Indoor Arenas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Evendale regulate the air indoor ice sports arenas?

In simple terms, to ensure the health and happiness of the families and employees located in the Village of Evendale. Elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide emitted from a resurfacing machine can cause illness in spectators, ice skaters and hockey players in an Evendale ice arena. The municipal legislature recognized the importance of having safe air to breathe in ice arenas and has given the Evendale Fire Department the responsibility of making rules to ensure indoor ice arena air quality. Several states have also passed laws to regulate air in ice arenas; Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

What causes the concern over air quality in ice arenas and/or enclosed sports arenas?

When internal combustion engines are operated in enclosed spaces or buildings, harmful levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide may be emitted with the engine exhaust and released into the air. There have been situations where these gases have made people sick.

How does the Evendale legislation ensure safety in arenas?

Enclosed ice arenas where internal combustion engines are in use must be certified by the Evendale Fire Department. There are specific air quality maintenance and monitoring requirements that accompany the certification of any arena. Well maintained air handling equipment to circulate the air within the arenas, along with keeping all ice resurfacing equipment tuned and in good working condition.

How do I know if the arena I go into is certified?

The rule requires that the certificate must be displayed in a conspicuous place in the ice arena. Certificates are often posted in the lobby area of arenas.

How do arenas keep their air safe for me to breathe?

Ice arenas are required to maintain safe air quality conditions in their arena. As part of this responsibility, arenas must perform continuous air monitoring for carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. They are also required to maintain a log of the readings which can be provided to the fire department upon request in a reasonable amount of time. Methods used to maintain air quality include ensuring proper arena ventilation and keeping internal combustion engines in good working condition.

What do arenas need to report?

Ice arenas are to report their air monitoring test results to the Evendale Fire Department on a quarterly basis. If they take any corrective action due to a high reading that also must be reported to the Evendale Fire Department.