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So, what does the fitness center offer?
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Programs offered by our Fitness Center management company:
Have you heard about the new pieces of equipment yet? If not, you are missing out on new ways to elevate and enhance your workouts. The new pieces are the state-of-the-art StairMaster, air bike, and heavier Kettlebells! Get ready to break a sweat and achieve your fitness goals in style. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, these cutting-edge equipment will offer a fun and effective way to boost your endurance and strength. Come down and experience the thrill of a workout like never before!
April Showers Challenge
Dive into wellness this April with our Water Challenge, starting April 2nd and flowing all the way to the end of the month! Our goal as a community is to collectively drink over 200 gallons of water. It's time to hydrate, stay refreshed, and make a splash together.
How it Works:
Daily Hydration: Drink your daily water quota and log your cups on our tracking sheet at the fitness desk. Let's build a habit of hydration together! Weekly Tally: Each week, we'll tally up our community's water consumption. See the progress, cheer on your fellow participants, and keep the momentum going.
Prizes Await: For everyone who logs over 15 days' worth of water consumption will be entered in a drawing for 1 of 2 prizes!
Why Participate:
Wellness Unleashed: Hydration is key to overall wellness. Join the challenge to experience increased energy, clearer skin, and the countless benefits of staying properly hydrated. Community Support: Be part of a community striving towards a common goal. Share your hydration journey, inspire others, and revel in the collective achievement of surpassing our water target.
April Outdoor Fitness Challenge
Dive into a dynamic fitness experience like no other! Join us for an exhilarating event where you'll explore a variety of exercises designed to be as challenging as you want them to be.
We will have different fitness modalities, from high-intensity interval training to yoga-inspired movements, ensuring a full-body workout that leaves you feeling empowered and energized. Our expert instructors will guide you at each station and tailoring the experience to
accommodate all fitness levels and goals.
But that's not all! After pushing your limits and breaking a sweat, reward yourself with the ultimate cooldown: a refreshing plunge into our invigorating cold plunge. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you immerse yourself in the revitalizing waters, reaping the benefits of cold therapy for muscle recovery and overall well-being.
Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to spice up your routine or a newcomer eager to discover new ways to stay active, this event promises an unforgettable fitness adventure. Don't miss out on this opportunity to challenge yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and emerge stronger than ever before.
Join us on April 13th at 9:30am at Baxter Hill Bell Tower. PLEASE send an email to if you plan on coming as we will have snacks, drinks, and other goodies for after the challenge. We will postpone if we have severe weather.
Women’s Weight Loss Program
Say goodbye to fad diets and endless hours on the treadmill. Our comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to weight loss, combining targeted workouts, nutritional guidance, and unwavering support from our expert team of coaches.
Experience the power of female-focused fitness as you join a community of like-minded women on a shared mission to achieve their wellness goals. From fun and challenging workouts tailored to torch calories and tone muscles, to educational resources that empower you to make sustainable lifestyle changes, we've got you covered every step of the way.
Say hello to a stronger, more confident you with our Women's Weight Loss Program. Now is the time to take control of your health and unleash your full potential. Don’t wait as we will only be accepting 5 new clients in the month of April!
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Adjusted Murph Challenge – Memorial Day
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Group Exercise Class Descriptions
Evendale Recreation Department
Group Exercise Classes
Ageless Fitness:  Monday, Wednesday,  & Friday  Instructor: Amy Dickinson- balance and strength will be our focus in this class (you can do many of the exercises while sitting in a chair!) using a variety of moves and pieces of equipment. 
Barre: Tuesday & Thursday  – Amy Dickinson
Cardio & Strength: Mondays & Wednesdays  Instructor: Lisa Morelock
This 90-minute long cross-training class uses a mix of interval training with weights combined with fun cardio that incorporates elements of endurance training, calisthenics, and strength training to help develop overall body fitness. Work out format and structure change from class to class to meet goals and offer participants a taste of the variety available in the world of group exercise.  Come join the fun and watch your body change!
Mindful Yoga:  Wednesdays Instructor: Cynthia Caracci
Mixed level class which connects breath and physical movement in a mindful way.  This class includes meditation and slow yoga flow to reduce stress and increase flexibility.  
Oh HIIT!: Thursdays alternating with Transforming Circuits  Instructor: Alice Boothe Interval training at it’s best!  We will work at different paces, for various lengths of time, focusing on increasing the heart rate.
Quiet Stretch: Tuesdays and Thursdays   Tuesday Instructor: Amy Dickinson and Thursday: Alice Boothe- set aside dedicated time to stretch your muscles as Amy takes you through a variety of moves to target all of the muscles in your body in a warm and quiet room. 
Spin:  Saturday   Instructor: Amy Dickinson
An adventurous cycling excursion with inspirational music. Break free of your comfort zone & improve your fitness level!
SPIN CLASSES:     Limited bikes=1st come, 1st serve.
Strictly Muscle: Tuesdays – alternating with Strong Life Instructor: Alice Boothe Work out your entire body by using dumbbells in a high repetition class that uses different formats to fully fatigue every muscle!
Strong Lift:   Tuesdays- Instructor: Amy Dickinson  Pick up heavier weights than usual in this class and increase the time under tension to build strength and muscle. 
Tae Kwon Do:  Tuesday and Thursday   Instructor:  Mike Wissel
Yoga:  Mondays and Fridays  Instructor:  Sandy Nardini  
A mix of movements designed to improve flexibility, strengthen, re-energize and relax the body and mind. (If possible, please bring your own yoga mat, small mats available for use at the center.)  Balance Vinyasa Flow – Fri AM and Monday PM (more gentle flow)
Slow Flow Vinyasa:   Tuesdays  Instructor: Helene Everhart -Postures are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses are a little slower.   Appropriate for all levels.
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