Facility Descriptions & Rental Process

You must be an Evendale resident to rent our facilities for your family function. An Evendale business may rent our facilites for a business function.

General Facility Layout and Inventory (See Appendix for forms.)

Multi-Purpose Room (North gym): 8800 square feet; Floor surface, maple; Kitchen (ice machine; commercial refrigerator, and sinks); Capacity-tables & chairs, 574/chairs only 1230.

Community Room (Flex room): 2800 square feet; Floor surface, tile; Mirrors located on north wall; Capacity-tables & chairs, 168/chairs only 358.

South Gym (Old gym): 6860 square feet; Floor surface, maple; Capacity-tables & chairs, 430/chairs only 922.

Evendale (Adult Gathering) Room: 1020 square feet; Floor surface, carpet; Capacity-tables & chairs, 63/chairs only 136.

Smoking Ordinance (304.02 Prohibitions)

  • No person shall engage in smoking in any municipal building.
  • All designated smoking areas are outside.

Eating and Drinking Areas

No person shall engage in eating or drinking in the Recreation Center. Designated areas are the vending hallway area and rental areas.

Facility Rental

The facilities of the Village of Evendale Department of Recreation are not generally available for public rental. However, qualified groups or organizations observe the following priority list when renting and/or scheduling the use of facilities. Reservations must be made in person only at the Recreation Center. If facilities are requested for use after normal hours of operation, rental of facilities are based on the availability of personnel

Field Closure Guidelines for Athletic Fields

The Evendale Recreation Department (ERD) is committed to providing quality playing sport facilities for the primary benefit of Evendale residents and those that work full-time at an Evendale business.  The field use policy was developed to enable the ERD to provide first-class, safe facilities for youth and adult athletes.  By following this policy, the community and ERD together can assure a positive and safe athletic experience for all.

Play under wet conditions is the most limiting factor in providing quality athletic fields.   The ERD will not allow play when field conditions may contribute to unsafe play or when use would damage the fields and significantly lessen their safety and suitability for future play.

If any of the following conditions exist, the athletic fields will be closed:

  1. When soil moisture is so high that there is standing water or muddy conditions, which could compromise the safety of the players or negatively impact the future playability of the athletic field.  This includes high traffic areas such as goal and home plate areas.
  2. Turf that is saturated to such a level that activities on the field would cause thinning of the turf, damage to the soil structure, divots which may dry to uneven surface, or cause further damage to already work areas.
  3. The presence of frost or frozen turf conditions. (Foot traffic in these conditions will kill the grass plant.)

At the ERD discretion, the above standards may be amended when making decisions for games, tournaments or special events.  The ERD shall have the power to make decisions on any points or information not specifically covered in this policy.

The ERD will make a decision on whether to close fields no later than two hours prior to the first scheduled game time and update the weather hotline and website.  If rain begins within two hours prior to the first scheduled game, the ERD employee is responsible for making the decision to close a field if turf conditions become unsafe, and notification above would be the same.  If inclement weather arrives in the area once a scheduled game begins or during a game, the referee or game official, will make the decision to cancel the game/close the field.

For questions on these guidelines, please call the ERD at 513-563-2247.

Priorities for Use of the Facilities

  1. Function of the Village government
  2. Department of Recreation programs
  3. Resident groups sponsored by the Department of Recreation
  4. Resident groups not sponsored by the Department of Recreation
  5. Evendale Business groups
  6. Non-resident groups, approval at the discretion of the Director of Recreation.

Rental Procedure

  • Applications must be completed entirely by person or company requesting use of a particular facility. Applications used are outlined in the table below.
  • Supplemental guidelines and regulations, concerning some facilities, must be adhered to when using a facility.
  • The person renting/reserving any facility must be present the entire time of the event.

Rental Fees and Refunds

Fees are set, and will be reviewed annually or as needed, in accordance with Recreation Commission recommendations and guidelines.

Refunds are in accordance to existing policy and condition of facility after event usage.


Rental Form(s) RequiredLead Time

Shelter Houses

Shelter House/AlcoholOne Year

Founder’s Pavilion

Founder’s PavilionSubject to availability

Baxter Park

Baxter ParkTwo Weeks

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool/AlcoholTwo Weeks

Multi-Purpose/North gym

Recreation Center/Alcohol Facility Use & Release of LiabilityEvent-One Year Recreational - 72 Hours

Community/Flex Room

Recreation Center/AlcoholEvent-Six Months

Group Exercise Room

Facility Use & Release of LiabilityRecreational - 72 Hours

Activity Room

Facility Use & Release of LiabilityRecreational - 72 Hours

South (Old) Gym

Recreation Center/Alcohol Facility Use & Release of LiabilityEvent - Six Months Recreational - 72 Hours

Evendale Adult Room

Recreation Center/AlcoholOne Month

Ballfield/Ballfield Lights

Facility Use & Release of LiabilityRecreational - 72 Hours

Soccer Fields

Facility Use & Release of LiabilityRecreational - 72 Hours
*except select teams

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