Good Morning Evendale

Good Morning Evendale has been established by the Village’s police, fire and recreation departments to provide a daily well-check phone call to senior residents.  This program will assist residents in maintaining their independence while also giving piece of mind to relatives and friends.

Each morning a Village employee will make a phone call to the resident between 9:00am – 9:30am.  The caller will say, “Good Morning Evendale”, followed with an introduction.  The caller will ask if all is well.  If a phone call is not answered or there is a problem, the caller will go to the notification list and attempt to reach the primary and/or secondary contacts.  If the contacts can’t be reached, a member of the police or fire department will be sent to the resident’s home to check on their well-being.

This is a voluntary program.  The Village’s goal is to provide a piece of mind for the resident and their loved ones.  Should assistance be needed we will be there for them.  If you have any questions about this program please contact Firefighter Steve Hamm (513.563.2248) or Police Lieutenant Jeff McDaniel (513.563.2249).

To download a copy of the Good Morning Evendale enrollment form click here.