How to Teach Here!

How To Teach Here!

The guiding vision of the Cultural Arts Department in Evendale is one of a dynamic and collaborative civic hub – a bustling hive of artistic activity and personal expression where people of all ages and backgrounds from all over Greater Cincinnati will come and go from morning until evening.

As a part of that mission, the Evendale Cultural Arts Department has created a unique opportunity for individual community members, arts organizations, and other groups to offer classes here at the Cultural Arts Center or the Bell Tower Arts Pavilion.

We currently host classes from My Nose Turns Red, the Cincinnati Actor’s Studio, Tippi Toes Dance, and a variety of independent artists and educators. Our structure is unique in that it puts the creative control directly in the hands of our community educators. This enables ECAC to collaborate with all of our regional community experts to provide our constituents with the widest array of offerings possible.

Class Provider Details

Most class providers offer classes here for profit by renting a classroom or gallery space at an hourly rate or by a percentage of tuition fees. Arts staff meets with new class providers to discuss their class vision, learn about their experience, and answer any questions they may have. If the course fits within ECAC’s mission and structure, then we will work with the provider to determine an appropriate space, rental rate, day, and time for the class and will request a more detailed class description and bio.

Rental rates are set to cover the cost of operating the space and are designed to be as affordable as possible. Class providers are responsible for determining class fees and the collection process; ECAC does not collect or handle student fees. Most classes meet weekly for 1 hour, but educators will determine what length of time makes the most sense for their course. ECAC offers 8 sessions of classes per year, each lasting six weeks. Class providers are welcome to design their courses to last anywhere from three to ten weeks.

Sample Cost Structure


Student Fees Per Quarter




Fee Per Student

Number of Students

Total Revenue from Student Fees


$50 (1 hr, 4 week class)




Rental Rate

Total Revenue from Student Fees

Number of Weeks

Total Rent per Class









Revenue from Student Fees

Rent Per Month

Fee Revenue Minus Rent

Total Revenue




$360/4 weeks =

$90/hr for Instructors



ECAC is able to offer support for classes in the following ways:

  • Listingcomprehensiveclassinformationonourwebsite
  • Printinganddistributingquarterlyclasslists
  • Featuringnewclassesatleastoncethroughoursocialmediaoutlets
  • Sendingoute-mailupdatestooure-maillistpromotingthebeginningofeachsession.
  • Providing bulletin board and table space for educators to display flyers promoting theircourses

ECAC is not able to advertise classes individually except through social media outlets. All of our materials include the full list of classes. Class providers are encouraged to advertise their classes in any way they like. Networking and connecting with interested groups is the best way to make your class stand out and to promote registration. If you’d like additional consultation, please contact the ECAC Director at for promotional strategies and a list of community calendars that are free to post to.

Class Policies & Procedures

Class Providers are required to submit a completed class description form, contact information form, and completed rental agreement.

Activity Attendance Sheet Policy

  • ECAC has instituted an activity attendance sheet policy for all visitors and students. Those being asked tosign in and out include all class providers and class attendees. This policy is to ensure the safety andsecurityofallvisitors to in our buildings.
  • Each instructor is responsible for filling out and turning in monthly attendance sheets.Completed sheets need to be turned in by the 5of the month. Please be sure your studentsaresigninginbefore class andoutafterclass.


  • ECAC allows new class providers the opportunity to offer 2 classes without the risk of incurring acancellation fee.Wehavefound thatregistrationfornewclassescanbelightinthebeginning. It is up to the class providers to communicate with ECAC about whether or not theywillruntheclass.
  • Should class providers need to cancel or reschedule their class they are required to notify theirstudentsandECAC.


  • ECAC follows Princeton City Schools weather closures when the road conditions are hazardous. ECAC will not close due to wind chill. ECAC’s Director will e-mail all class providers when ECAC is closed.