Greater Cincinnati Calligrapher's Guild February 17 Meeting at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center!

Snowflake Calligraphy Cincinnati Calligraphers
Snowflake Calligraphy
Are we tired of snow yet?

Well, I love snow, but I know we probably won't have too much more, so let's make some snowflakes of our own. Please join us this Saturday, February 17, at 10 a.m. at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center for a fun meeting on snowflakes. We will experiment with letters cut into paper snowflakes and also with mandala style snowflakes.
Please bring:


  • scissors
  • bone folder if you have one
  • X-acto knife, craft knife  or scalpel with a sharp (new) blade 
  • self-healing cutting mat, if you have one; otherwise, bring a piece of cardboard on which you can cut, such as the back of a tablet. 
  • smooth watercolor paper like Arches Hot Press or drawing paper, or even colored paper as in the sample, but marker paper works fine too.
  • your favorite lettering nibs
  • colors of your choice, I used white (Dr. Martins BP, or pen white), silver, blues, but also used jelly roll pens and brush lettering
  • grid paper for planning your word(s)
  • masking or white tape
  • pencil
  • a light box if you have an easily portable one.

The guild will have paper for the folded snowflakes, and do not worry if you don't have something on the list, most of us will bring extra.
Learning opportunities:

1. Karen McMannon will be offering classes if you are interested in studying Italic in March and April please email Karen at,

2. Below is a link to the Chicago Calligraphy Collective's workshop list. Some members may be interested in traveling to Chicago to take a workshop from these instructors. Please note, Elmo van Slingerland’s workshop will be held in Columbus in the following days.

3. Offered at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center
as a side note the center is having their annual fine arts exhibit in May. Deadline to submit work is March 9 and it is open to anyone in a 50 mile radius of the center. Here is the link to apply:

The Greater Cincinnati Calligrapher's Guild is open to anyone with an interest in the lettering arts.