COVID Update #5 of 5

To All Residents, Businesses, Patrons and Employees, Volunteers and Officials of the Village of Evendale

The Village of Evendale continues to monitor the Corona Virus pandemic and is taking necessary precautions in accordance with all local/state/federal mandates and recommendations. For more information about the CoronaVirus/COVID-19, please visit:

Earlier this week, the State of Ohio issued several "Responsible RestartOhio" documents providing updates, revisions and/or additions to previously released Orders and Guidelines. The documents most pertinent to Village operations are attached hereto. For a complete list of Orders and Guidelines, please visit the aforementioned coronavirus website.

In response to the Responsible RestartOhio documents, Evendale is taking the following measures: 1.     

  1. All mandated or recommended actions and measures already implemented as detailed in the 4 previously released Memos remain in effect (please visit to view those Memos) but with the following revisions, additions, modifications:
  1. Public Meetings. All regular public meetings for May 2020 will take place as scheduled. This includes the May 5th Council Subcommittee Meetings; the May 12th Regular Council Meeting; the May 19th Full Community Improvement Corp. meeting and the May 19th Planning Commission Meeting. Notices and agendas for these meetings will be posted in accordance with traditional posting requirements. All meetings are open to the public but will be conducted in accordance with the following criteria:

i.All meeting attendees must wear a face covering. Attendees are asked to bring their own masks.

ii.All meeting attendees must adhere to social distancing requirements at all times before, during and after meetings.

  1. Seating in Council Chambers, where all meetings will take place, has been arranged to meet the six (6) ft. social distancing requirement.

iii.For individuals who are ill or showing symptoms of illness, the Village respectfully requests that you not attend public meetings;

  1. Individuals who are not able to attend public meetings in person, for any reason, are encouraged to contact staff or elected officials by phone or email at any time with questions, concerns or ideas about meeting agendas or service.
  2. Individuals showing symptoms of illness who attend public meetings may be asked to leave.

On behalf of all Village officials, thank you for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation as we work through this challenging time together. We greatly value our residents, businesses, patrons, officials, staff, and others whose contributions make our Village a cherished place to live, work and play. The Village offers its sincere sympathies to all who are experiencing tragedy, job loss or other setbacks due to the pandemic; our gratitude to all who are combating it; and our appreciation to all who have had to make personal and/or professional adjustments or sacrifices to mitigate it.

Please feel free to contact me or any Department Head with questions, concerns, etc. at the numbers listed on our website contact page:

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COVID-19 Responsible Protocols For Getting Back To Work PDF

Protocols For General Office Environments PDF

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