Business Ready Strategy

The Village of Evendale Business Ready Strategy is to be the easiest government to do business.

The Village of Evendale promises to make your permitting quick, hassle free, and as inexpensive as anywhere in the region.

How can we say that?  In March of 2013 our Village Council approved a complete overhaul and amendment to our Zoning Code.

All businesses were mailed a notice of a Public Hearing at our Planning Commission and invited to be a part of the process.

Business input was taken throughout the process and utilized to make changes to the Zoning Code. The process to completely overhaul our Zoning Code took 20 months from start to finish. The intent in overhauling our Zoning Code was to make it easy to read, easy to apply, and easier to accommodate our businesses' needs to conduct business. New Zoning Districts were created and existing districts were amended to address current needs of businesses.

Along with ease in doing business the Village makes it less expensive to do business with the Village. The Village does not levy the property tax millage that is possible so that your property tax rates are as low as we can make them.

Village staff will assist you with anything you need help starting with locating a site, permitting your building, annual inspections, filing local taxes, and every aspect of operating in Evendale.

The Village strives every day that we are ‘Business Ready’.

You have one number to call to put our readiness to the test.  Contact David Elmer at (513) 965-2666.